Backlink Strategies : How to create Backlinks?

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Backlink strategies
Backlink strategies
Backlink strategies
Websites are not the same. Also, backlink strategies are not the same. Therefore, every site has its own link building strategy. To know which one is appropriate for your site, you have to study your competitors who have proved themselves in your niche.
Personally I recommend majestic or Ahref backlinks check tools for better results. Backlinks watch less quality and free.

Next are legal strategies have been tested and used before on many websites and have proven successful.

Yes,legal strategies not those strategies which giver 100 and sometimes 1000 backlinks in a click :p

Don’t have a blog yet?

Having a blog as a way to build backlinks is the newest orientations in SEO field. The factor that will take you up to the sky with your niche is the quality of the content. Informatics blogs and blogs which offer required services, or useful tips. And resources blogs. Always is good for SEO. Writing articles about controversial topics from time to time will attract the attention of the other bloggers.
Your blog may receive tribute or discontent from experts in your niche. But this is not important, More important is to put your foot in the race with your competitors in this field. Writing about controversial topics, which cause to get visitors from search engines
Writing about controversial topics, which cause to get visitors from search engines may give you a big boost in your niche. This controversial content will be participating on social networking sites and you will get many likes and comments. This will increase your blog popularity.
Top blogging platforms to use:
  • WordPress (required: domain and hosting)
  • Blogger (free, custom domain hosting available)
  • (free and paid)
  • Tumblr (free, top in Alexa rank)
  • inshort: Bhai PEhle Blog BNaalo

Upcoming: A full list of all available blogging platform.

Build Powerful Internal links structure

internal linking structure
internal linking structure
Look at a website like Wikipedia, Have you noticed how powerful their internal linking is? This is an important and easy factor which you can control. Make sure that every page link to 4-6 other pages in your website at least. Go back and edit old pages as well. Look at this image which show you simple and basic powerful internal links structure. Also having good links structure helps in “search engines” indexing process.
PS:-JO Haath mai hai Pehle wo KArlo

RSS feeds marketing

Most of the blogging platforms automatically build your RSS feed page, for WordPress self-hosted blogs the RSS page will be like that ( Find your RSS page and start submitting it on these sites. And start earning your free backlinks.
Upcoming: a full list of all websites which allow you to submit you RSS feeds in.

PS:-10 Minutes se zaada nai lagega KArlo

Guest blogging

When you have your own blog it becomes easier to contact with other bloggers in your niche what make it easier for you to write guest posts for them and earn quality backlinks for your blog. Guest blogging effect stays forever because it’s rare for a blog post to be deleted from the blog after it has been published. And because it’s not easy to build high-quality backlinks. And this a legal way to do. So, don’t ignore it.
Start create a reputation for your blog with your visitors and followers and share you link with other blogs which you hope to write for them. That will bring backlinks relevant to your blog content. Also enhances your chance of exchanging guest posts with other bloggers and help you make a great network with them.
Here’re some sites which offer guest post services with a lot of other blogs.
Upcoming: a full list of all guest blogging websites services.

PS:- Kuch lene ke liye Kuch dena padta hai xD

Blogs comments

With Google blogs search, you can find blogs in your niche. Make your comments suitable for the content. It may be a thankful comment or you can provide a helpful suggestion. That will help you to appear in your field. Sometimes you have to put a link point to your blog or your site. Or points to a very special content relevant to the one in the other blog.
Note: Leaving a link to one of your high-quality posts is better than leaving a link points to your home page.

PS:- Comment Dekhkar Kariyo Or JInka DAPA Accha HO unpe hi karna

High-quality articles directories

Low-quality articles directories have been punished by Google in last years because of the low-quality content and repeated (duplicated) content. Find a high-quality article directory to submit your high-quality content. Just an attractive summary of your article with a link to the page. Here’re some high-quality articles directories.
Upcoming: a full list of all high-quality available articles directories.

PS:- Bhut HElp karti hai YE

 Documents websites

Publish your content on documents websites. This not just for bloggers, also it works for companies and organizations. You can share your offers and portfolios through documents. In white papers, PDF, Ebooks and case studies, with a link to your website. Give it a unique title and description with your primary keywords. And there’re some sites allow you to enter your keywords and automatically these sites will put it into your document. Here’s some of the most famous documents websites.

Press Release marketing

Become a favorite news in Google by writing a Press Release about your company, your new product or a review. Or even any topic which there’re a lot of people interested in. ex: iPhone, a game, Political event, sporting event. Use Google trends to know what people are searching for at the moment. Press Release mostly become on the first page of Google but not for a lot of time until you have enough reputation. Submit your Press Release on these sites.
Upcoming: a full list of all available Press Release websites.


Not everyone interested in using this strategy because most of us can’t create infographics. But, you can use free templates provided by some infographics sites. If you need some statistics and want to show them professionally to your visitors. Use these free templates and create your own Infographics. Anyone want to use your infographics, he will take it through the Embed code which will automatically generate a backlink to your website. Also, you can share your infographics with these sites to earn more high-quality backlinks.
Upcoming: a full list of all available infographics websites.

Socially, Grow up!

Essential that any site must have its own collection of social networks backlinks and engagements because social networks signals play an important role in improving your site results in search engines. Social networks sites contain on real people and to become more popular and widespread, that required some effort and organized work. To earn the big reward from search engines bots. Here’re most popular social networks sites.

Upcoming: a full list of all available social networks websites.


Be sure that if you implement these backlink strategies with patience and attendance will put you on the first page of Google whatever the niche you’re competing for. I know it’s hard, but here at techtoogle I help you to get best possible results in search engines. Bookmark this post and back to it when you need any information from it. Also, subscribe our newsletter for upcoming posts. Feel free to share your opinion with us and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and others.
Have a question? Leave it in the comments section and I will reply as soon as possible. Thanks!
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