How to Bypass Windows 7 Login Password?

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Changing your Windows 7 computer password regularly is certainly recommended but it comes with a major drawback of forgetting it if you are modifying your password too often. Generally it is suggested to use a strong password combined with alphanumeric, letters and special characters so that it is impossible to guess and helps to avoid any uninvited login sessions.

Truth to be told, and it is true that passwords can be easily bypassed in almost any operating systems. Microsoft was clever enough to fix the registry entry in Windows XP that helped to bypass the computer password but still there are many tricks to bypass your Windows 7 password.

In this tutorial, we will share three methods using to demonstrate how to bypass Windows 7 login password with just using few tricks. There are loopholes in every operating system and we will that to exploit the system and retrieve the password so that you can get back into your system again.

Solution 1: Using Super Administrator Account

Super Administrator Account is a special kind of account type provided in Windows 7 that has all the administrator privileges and set of permissions to modify any file on a computer. It is different than any other accounts in your computer and is only used when you are locked out of your PC. So, if you have set up a Super Administrator Account then it is pretty easy to reset your current admin account password. Use the following instruction to learn how to do it.

Step 1. Turn on your computer and on the login screen press CTRL + ALT + Delete key simultaneously.

Step 2. You should be able to see the Super Administrator account, select that to login to your computer.

Step 3. Go to control panel and select user profiles.

Step 4. Select the main administrator account and remove it from the computer.

Step 5. Create a new user and set up a new password for that existing user.

Step 6. Save the changes and reboot your computer.

Step 7. Use the new account username and password to login.

That’s it. You can now access your computer normally again. If by any chance, you never setup the super administrator account before locking out then you can skip this method and move on to the next one.

Solution 2: Bypass Windows 7 Password using Password Reset Disk

Password reset disk is one of the easiest ways to reset your Windows 7 password and rather a legal way to implement in your situation. It usually works with local account, which is the default account type in Windows 7. Here’s how to use a password reset disk to bypass forgotten Windows 7 password.

Step 1. Download and install UUkeys Windows Password Mate on a normal computer.

Step 2.Open the program and insert a USB or CD/DVD to the computer.

Step 3. Select the drive name from the list and click on “Burn” button to make the disk bootable.

Step 4. Insert the disk into locked computer and power on it.

Step 5. Set the first boot device to USB or DVD in computer BIOS settings.

Step 6. UUkeys Windows Password Mate will be loaded and you can reset password of any local account in there.

That should do the trick and you should be able to use your computer normally again.


Now you know how to bypass Windows 7 login password if you ever forget it. Please remember, that the mentioned tricks should be only used on your personal computer. Rest assured that no data would be deleted at all from your computer using any method from this guide. It is recommended to set up a new password as soon as possible after you could login on your computer again. If any solution mentioned in this tutorial is used for criminal activities then it should be illegal and punishable by law.

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