5 Things to check before buying a phone

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5 Things to check before buying a phone

Planning to buy a new phone? Don’t be merely fooled by its outer appearance or the glossy default wallpaper, that comes along with it. There are several things you should check in a phone before you actually consider buying it, hence my top 5 phone testing methods as below.

Whenever I walk into a mobile showroom, I see people around me searching for a good phone and end up getting the phone that was rather forcefully sold by the retailer. All they do to check , is to unlock the phone, swipe left and right to see if its fast, probably switch on camera and see if it has good clarity. They probably try to hold it in their palms to see if it fits them well.. With just these three steps, they actually consider buying the phone, than actually doing a proper testing. Even if its 10rs product, people check to see if it has the right expiry date, cover is not tampered with and quality is just right. But when it comes to a 10-20K mobile phone, they actually don’t do any testing before purchasing it.

Reason: They don’t know the exact methods by which you can actually test the phone to see if its good or not

Almost every other day, you see several brands from Motorola, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei, LeTv, Honor, Gionee etc launching a revised version of their previous model . If it was Xiaomi Mi4, it’ll be Mi4i. If its Lenovo K5, then the next launch will be K5 Note and so forth. So how do you actually test a phone to see if its worth a buy? Here are some quick methods to see if the phone is actually worth its price

Top 5 phone testing methods

Speed :

mobile speed
Mobile speed

The first thing you need to check in a phone, is its performance. How does it really when you are multitasking. You might be distracted with words like Mediatek, Snapdragon 425, Octacore processor, Quad Core processor. Of course, logic wise a higher core processor is always better, but then its better only when it’s coupled with a good memory as well. Else a phone with high processor and low memory just ends up as a heating device.

  1. 1) So next time you pick up a new phone in a store, open 10 applications at once. Maybe camera, messages, a game if available, facebook app, a gallery app and any other app that usually is process intensive). Now switch back from one app to another quickly through the task manager window. This is usually available from the top of the screen if you slide down. If the phone lags while switching or gets stuck, it’s not a good one.

Camera :

phone camera
phone camera

When you open the camera and click a selfie or through the rear camera, you generally tend to see a nice image. But without a comparison, you may not be able to see its true clarity. So do the following checks.

  1.  2.a) Borrow an iPhone or any other high end phone like Pixel. Simultaneously open the camera and compare the phones side by side.
  2.  Now the phones wont be having the same clarity , naturally. But you’ll have a fair idea of how the phone’s camera actually is.
  3.  2.b) Check for the camera specifications, esp where it mentions as Aperture Rate( you can find this online in any one of those tech spec sites) Check if its greater than the 2.0 mark ( Preferable to be 2.2 or greater) for better sharpness and image quality

Storage :

phone storage
phone storage

Phone ads usually claim to be 32GB internal storage or 16GB Internal storage etc. But even for a 32GB phone, the internal memory is usually 23GB or less.

  1. 3) So you go to the phone settings option, click on storage and actually see the “Free Storage” space available. If its anything below the 23 mark, don’t go for it. Of course if the phone has a SD card slot available, that actually helps to install more heavier apps and migrate data to that .

Operating System:

phone operating system
phone operating system

Many phone companies, through their marketing and branding ads claim it has the latest Android operating system, such as Marshmallow or Nougat. But they’ll never offer you the stock android option like Google does. They would have stacked up their User Interface(UI) on top of that, with heavy customization.

  1. 4. So you need to be wary of such customizations on the OS that can heavily affect a phone’s performance. So check for the phone’s UI information and ask for reviews of people having the same brand (even if its a different model).

Sound Output:

phone sound output
phone sound output

A critical mistake people do is not check for sound quality. This greatly affects your call sound clarity as well as listening to music.

  1. 5. So always carry a good earphone. Fire up the music player or even transfer a song by Bluetooth if no music is available. Test the sound clarity to its full limit.

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