Avast vs Windows Defender: A Brief Comparison

Avast or Windows Defender, It’s a bit difficult to choose but remember it’s really not necessary to install a third-party antivirus.  Earlier, In Windows 7, Windows Defender was available on the name Microsoft Security Essentials as a separate download. Whereas Windows Defender comes as pre-installed in Windows 10. But is the default antivirus the best choice available? In this article, I will be comparing, Avast and Windows Defender. Moreover, this article will cover up all their good and bad points. So let’s start the comparison: Avast vs Windows Defender.

Avast vs Windows Defender: Features

Avast Antivirus

In antiviruses, Avast is one of the great choice available. Even it’s free version is quite awesome. It has lots of good features including Smart Scan, Wi-Fi Inspector, CyberCapture, etc.

Avast: Smart Scan

Avast vs Windows Defender

Avast provides its users with different scanning options like full scan, boot time scan. Additionally, it has a Smart Scan feature. Smart Scan in Avast helps you scan and find all those cracks from where malware can enter like unsafe settings, passwords, out-dated software, and suspicious add-ons.

Avast: Wi-Fi Inspector

Avast vs Windows Defender

Wifi Inspector in Avast notifies you whenever you are connected to any vulnerable network or if there is any security issue related to your Wi-Fi connection.

Avast: CyberCapture

Avast vs Windows Defender

CyberCapture in Avast automatically send files to the cloud which are suspicious. MoreoverIf it’s a threat then it also provides a cure to all its users.


  • It provides an email client protection for online security.
  • Its reduce risks feature helps you in boosting your device by removing all unnecessary trash files.
  • Avast also provides a browser extension which protects you from suspicious sites and phishing attacks.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is not a fully featured antivirus as it is a free antivirus. But really, it has lots of good features including Virus & threat protection, Device performance & health, Firewall & network protection, App & browser control, Family options which will not let you feel the need for any other antivirus.

Windows Defender: Virus & threat protection

Avast vs Windows Defender

Virus & threat protection in Windows Defender helps you scan for threats on your Windows machine. Various scanning options including Quick scan, Custom scan, Full scan, Windows Defender Offline scan are available here. Additionally, It also provides features like Real-time protection and scheduled scanning.

Windows Defender: Device performance & health

Avast vs Windows Defender

Device performance & health in Windows Defender helps you keep your Windows device refreshed and up to date. It provides various features including Health report, Windows Update, Storage capacity, Device driver, Battery life and lastly the Fresh start.

Windows Defender: Firewall & network protection

Avast vs Windows Defender

Firewall & network protection in Windows Defender helps you check the status of the Windows Defender firewall and the connected network devices. You can turn it on or off, it provides three options: Domain network, Public network and Private network.

Windows Defender: App & browser control

Avast vs Windows Defender

App & browser control in Windows Defender protects your device from insecure applications, websites, files, and downloads. It lets you set up warnings for malicious sites, downloads, unrecognized applications, files, and web content, block unrecognized applications, sites, files, downloads, and web content,  and turn off warnings and blocking entirely.

Windows Defender: Family options

Avast vs Windows Defender

Family options feature in Windows Defender gives you access to some tools which help you manage your child’s online activity. Using this option you can: create a family or add members, check your child’s online activity and can even block inappropriate sites, games or applications. Additionally, you can give money to your child for shopping online in Microsoft Store, set screen limits.

Moreover, Windows Defender like Avast also provides an extension for online protection.

Avast vs Windows Defender: Pros And Cons

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast vs Windows Defender


  • Highly customizable
  • Additional features like the password manager, network scanner
  • Gaming mode
  • Protection in every browser and email client


  • Mediocre malware protection
  • Heavy impact on device performance

Windows Defender

Avast vs Windows Defender


  • Vastly improved malware protection
  • Small system impact
  • A simple interface and less overwhelming


  • Not always easy to manage
  • Few extra features
  • Email client security feature limited up to Microsoft Outlook
  • Online protection limited up to Microsoft’s own products

Avast vs Windows Defender: Malware Protection

Avast vs Windows Defender

If we see the performance of Avast and Windows Defender in malware protection, there is a quite variation. Though both the antivirus use the same signature matching technique for detecting malware. But if we consider the premium version of Avast antivirus, then it is much better then Windows Defender in malware protection. It is a clear winner,  but if we consider it’s free version then mediocre malware protection is provided in it.

Avast vs Windows Defender: Who’s The Winner?

Above all cons, Microsoft Defender has lots of good features, It is specially made to protect Windows devices from different threats. But still, it requires a lot of improvements to be made. There is no need to download Avast Free Antivirus if Windows Defender is already there. But if you want more security, then you need Avast’s Premium antivirus. Therefore now it totally depends upon your needs.

Source: Support.Microsoft, Tom’s Guide: Avast, Tom’s Guide: Windows Defender

I hope this article would be helpful for you. And I am sure, now you will be able to choose between Avast and Windows Defender. If still, you have any query then you can ask through comments. I will surely reply to each of your queries. Furthermore, if you have any suggestions, you can also come up with them.

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Avast vs Windows Defender: A Brief Comparison
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