How To Find Mac Address On iPhone

If you think MAC Address is related to Apple’s Macintosh devices. So sorry, but you are wrong here. MAC basically stands for Media Access Control. A MAC address is a unique hardware identification number assigned to a Network Interface Controller (NIC). In communications within a network segment, MAC address is used as a network address. It is basically a 12-character code, For example – F4:08:15:C2:1B:F6. Each network card, such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet, has a MAC address that can’t be changed. This means the Wi-Fi card in your iOS device also has its MAC address. So this article is all about how to find MAC Address on iPhone. 

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How To Locate MAC Address On iPhone:

Here are the complete steps you need to follow to locate or find the iPhone MAC Address:

  • Firstly open the Settings of your iPhone. If you are unable to find it, use the search bar.
MAC Address iPhone
  • Now click on the General option available in the menu.
Wifi Address iPhone
  • Afterward, click on the About option.
How to find MAC Address on iPhone
  • Finally, there would be your iPhone’s MAC Address. It would be denoted as “Wi-Fi Address” as shown in the image above.
MAC Address on iPhone
  • Now, if you want to copy this Wi-Fi address, then long-press on it. A Copy option will appear. Simply tap on that option.

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This was all about how you can find Wi-Fi Address or MAC Address on iPhone. I hope this article would have been helpful to you. Still, If you have any queries, then you can leave your comments below. I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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How To Find MAC Address On iPhone
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How To Find MAC Address On iPhone
If you want to know how to find Wi-Fi Address or MAC Address on iPhone, this article is for you. Must check it out.
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