5 Most Secure Web Browsers (2018)

There are many web browsers available. But only some of them are more flexible, secure and provide faster performance. Might be the browser you are using is not best, Mostly people use the pre-installed web browser or the one which is well known. There are several options around you to choose from, which can make your life much easier.

There also many extensions available which can make your browsing safe. A Secure Browser contains some basic features like – Download Protection, URL Filtering & Do Not Track Feature. Nowadays, each browser has a privacy mode. But no one knows the reality behind them. There are many browsers which are well known, but the browsing speed is really poor. Therefore it’s really a difficult task to achieve a true privacy.

Here is the list of Most Secure Web Browsers. You might be familiar with them.

5 Most Secure Web Browsers (2018):

1. Google Chrome

Most Secure Web Browser

Chrome is one of the most used web browsers of 2018. It is the most efficient browser. It is powered by the open source Chromium Browser project and is available in Windows, Android, Chromebook, Mac, Linux & IOS platforms. Chrome Browser supports a huge number of extensions which make your work more easier.

Now it’s the turn of your privacy & security. Chrome also provides parental control & incognito mode. Chrome even provides scanning protection while downloading to protect from the malware. Remember Chrome’s Incognito mode is just like an encrypted connection provided by a virtual private network. Therefore it doesn’t prevent any third party websites.

Google is basically focusing on SSL (HTTPS) connection aiming to make it standard throughout the web.

2. Microsoft Edge

Most Secure Web Browser

Microsoft Edge is the Redmond Firm’s built-in web browser which offers a more secure sleeky browsing experience. Edge also supports an extension system like Google Chrome. Unlike Chrome, there is a small number of extensions provided in Edge as it’s extension support is in early days. Microsoft Edge is quite better than Microsoft Internet Explorer in terms of secure browsing. There are no insecure protocols like ActiveX in it.

The browser works quite well in Windows’s 10 Tablet Mode & with the Cortana. It basically comes as a default browser with Windows 10. In addition to it, Edge is also available in Android & IOS Platforms. It comes with a good technology which keeps you safe against some malicious applications. The browser is a super-quick and gives you a pleasant browsing experience.

3. Mozilla Firefox

Most Secure Web Browser

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source browser & is available in Windows, Android,  Mac OS, Linux & IOS Platforms. After a long time, it has received the biggest update which is quite impressive. It also supports a large number of extensions. It is known for its flexibility but it lacks in some terms like speed. Mozilla is also non-profit and claims to not sell off our data.

Mozilla Browser comes with regular updates, the company tries to give a better & secure experience to its users. It also used HTTPS protocol to secure web server connections. Firefox Quantum enhances the user experience by providing a number of speed & security enhancements. Firefox doesn’t make a use of search history to serve up ads & also protect against hidden ad tracking. It also offers a privacy mode like that in Chrome and doesn’t keep a note of browsing history. It’s not the fastest one but is the best in terms of secure browsing.

4. Opera

Most Secure Web Browser

Opera browser is also based on the open source Chromium Browser project, like Google Chrome & at present is available in Windows, Mac OS, Linux, IOS & Android platforms. The browser is not much used by the people alongside their main browser due to its turbo feature which compresses your web traffic through Opera Servers. It results in slow browsing speed which really sucks. It also results in a reduction of data transfer.

There are several security-minded features provided in the Opera browser for secure browsing. The plus point of its latest version is that it comes with free built-in VPN. It encrypts the user connection and protects the data. The feature provided in it is not much comprehensive but is still good. The Virtual Private Network feature provided in the browser is also limited to some countries, unlike paid VPN connections. The browser also provides the fraud & malware protection against some suspicious web pages. A warning message is shown if the requested webpage is suspicious. There is one more feature, It also provides a built-in ad blocker.

5. Tor Browser

Most Secure Web Browser

Tor Browser comes with a bundle of security tools & is one of the more secure ways of web browsing. The browser is perhaps, associated with the dark web. Tor makes use of The Onion Router, for anonymizing user’s connection and makes it quite difficult to track you. It never reveals the real IP address and keeps on encrypting the data several times. It is one of the popular and is the best choice of people who want to maintain privacy and keep their connection secure. The spoofing feature of the browser prevents the website from getting your original IP address. It also provides access to some sites which might be blocked in your region.

You don’t need to think about browsing history or cache memory while using the browser. None of your data is stored in it. You still require to alter your browsing habit to secure your information. You can’t use it as your daily browser as its anonymizing feature slows down the browsing speed. Tor Browser is the most secure browser but you also need to be careful while using it.

Source: TechRadar, PixelPrivacy

Each browser has some privacy settings in it which you can adjust according to your liking. Browsers like Firefox, Chrome etc also offers you such settings which help to protect yourself. The privacy protection varies from browser to browser.

I hope this article would be helpful and now you will be also able to figure out and choose that which browser is best for you and can fulfil your privacy & security needs. Don’t waste time and just switch to your desired browser now!

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    You used “Google”, “Chrome” and “secure” in the same sentence. Think about that. A browser who lets third party human beings actually sit in front of a screen and READ MY PRIVATE EMAILS is about as secure as a wounded mouse in a cage full of hawks.

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