Can I Play PS3 Games On PS4? | Play PS3 Games On PS4

Every gamer who upgrades from PS3 to PS4 have questions like can I play PS3 games on PS4? or how to play PS3 games on PS4? Because everyone has an affinity with the old gaming collection. So In this article, I will be answering all your questions that whether PS4 is backwards compatible and can you play PS3 games on PS4, and if yes then how. So let’s begin with the article.

Can I Play PS3 Games On PS4? Is PS4 Backwards Compatible?

Unfortunately no, don’t take me wrong! I didn’t mean that you can’t play PS3 games on PS4. Just I wanted to say that, unlike PS2 and PS3, PS4 is not backwards compatible. Thus, it’s not possible, to use the old disc directly on it. But still, there is a way to play the old PS3 games on it.

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How To Play PS3 Games On PS4?

For PS4 users who want to play old PS3 games, PlayStation has bought PlayStation Now service. This service can’t take place of the backwards compatibility feature totally but still is a good option available to you.

What Is PlayStation Now?

Can I Play PS3 Games On PS4

As I previously added, PlayStation Now is a paid service launched by the PlayStation which lets you play PS3 games on PS4 by streaming their titles. PlayStation Now has a complete gaming library stored in an online cloud. Now, you don’t even need to install or update the games. All you need is a Wi-fi connection of relatively high speed. Now a big question that might strike your mind, that how to set up PlayStation Now?

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How To Set Up PlayStation Now?

  • Firstly, you need to set up a verified account with Sony Entertainment Network. You can do so by visiting the official PlayStation Store.

Remember, for this you will require an input device like Dual Shock 3 or 4 or a wireless controller and a high-speed connection.

  • Now, you need to switch on your PlayStation and have to navigate to the Network.
  • Then you need to open the Setup Internet Connection and have to select your Internet connection. Now just follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

PlayStation Now Connection:

  • Firstly, you need to launch the PlayStation Now by navigating to your PlayStation main menu.
  • Now you need to click on the PS Now Subscription option to download the application.
  • You will be presented with various subscriptions from which you need to select your desired one. Scroll to the end of the article to get the information of all the subscriptions available to you. You can have a look at it.
  • After making the purchase and following the instructions you will able to access it.
  • Finally, you can launch the PlayStation Now service by visiting the Content Launcher.

PlayStation Now Subscription:

PlayStation Now offers a one-month subscription for $19.99. And For a three-month subscription, it charges $49.99 and $99.99 for a one-year subscription. Even it lets you try the service by providing a trial offer of seven days for free. These plans are available for the users of the USA and Canada. While UK PlayStation Now subscription is rental and is available in two rental models

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I hope this article would have been helpful to you. And I am pretty sure, now you would be able to play your desired PS3 games on PS4. If you still left with any query, you can ask through comments below.

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Can I Play PS3 Games On PS4? | PS3 Games On PS4
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